Myth Full Metal & Real Wood Stock ZB26 Light Machine Gun AEG AirSoft

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    ZB-26 LMG was a Czechoslovak Light Machine Gun developed in the 1920s, which was majorly used during WWII by Nazi Germany (after 1938 and renamed into MG26[t]), Japan (collected from Chinese Soldiers), Chinese (Chinese Nationalist Force and Chinese Red Army) and Korean Liberation Army. North Vietnamese Army was also one of the user of ZB-26 during Vietnamese War against South Vietnam and US Army.

    ZB-26 is famous for its reliability, simple components, quick-change barrel and ease of manufacturing, and it influenced many other light machine gun designs including the British Bren light machine gun, the French FM 24/29 light machine gun, and the Japanese Type 99 Light Machine Gun.

    Realistic outlook for the ZB-26 Light Machine Gun.
    Comes with a quick-change type barrel set with a large metal flash hider and a movable carry handle with real wood grip.
    Comes with a under mounted bipod.
    Comes with a fixed side front sight and an adjustable rear sight.
    Metal body frame with metal magwell cover, Real wood grip and Real wood rear stock with metal stock pad.
    Adjustable Hop up system.
    Comes with a movable charging handle with bolt carrier plate.
    Rear stock can store up to 9.6V mini battery / 7.4V Lipo Battery (small plug).
    Ready to go for 360 – 380 FPS (0.2g BB) without modification.
    Included ~500 rds Hi-cap magazine.

    ** Please note that Battery and Charger are not included. **

    Length: 1190 mm
    Barrel Length: ~550 mm
    Shooting Mode: Safety, Full-Auto
    Weight (g):  6500 (gun with magazine),  7800 (with box)
    Color: Black, Wood
    Battery: 9.6V mini battery / 7.4V Lipo Battery (small plug)
    Magazine Capacity: ~ 500 rds
    Material: Metal & Real Wood
    Bullet type: 6mm BB
    Power (Muzzle Velocity):  360 – 380 FPS (0.2g BB)

    Additional information

    Weight7800 g
    Dimensions1190 mm


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